Yellow and orange daffodil

Waiting for Sunshine

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It has been very wet here over the last couple of weeks. That’s actually a very good thing because this part of England (East Anglia) has still been in ‘drought status’, even after the winter. Suffolk doesn’t get a lot of rain, so the rain we’re getting now should help keep everything growing for a good while. (And, I hope, top up the region’s reservoirs too.)

But after so much grey weather, I’m starting to long for sunshine. And flowers! It feels as if spring has been slower in arriving this year. At the end of March last year our fruit trees had come into flower. By the start of April we had a wonderfully frothy display of apple, plum and cherry blossom. That outburst of flowering seems a long way off still.

Happily, there are some flowers appearing. Daffodils have recently opened their gleaming yellow flowers both in the garden and on the green at the front of the houses here. Those on the green are particularly cheerful, with warm orange coronas surrounded by the brightest of yellow petals. En masse, they are an impressive and cheering sight. Up close (as above) they are simply delightful.

13 thoughts on “Waiting for Sunshine

  1. Well, it’s still a week until April, and given the sudden appearance of still others of our flowers, you might see your flowering trees sooner rather than later. And listen to this! My apartment property is filled with cypress trees. When I left for work one morning last week, all of the limbs were bare. When I got home that night, every tree had leafed out. This is at least the third year I’ve noticed the phenomenon; maybe your fruit trees will do the same.

    Oddly, the cypress trees often drop all their leaves at the same time, too. Maybe trees do talk to one another!

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    1. How lovely to have sudden leafing or flowering! I think the sun will bring things out quickly enough when it eventually shines. But meanwhile the rain we’re getting here is precious to us and may mean that we’re not so drought-ridden in summer.

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  2. I think daffodils are my favorite spring flowers. Their shades of yellow and orange bring longed-for bright colours after a long winter.
    I’m glad you received some much-needed rain. We are also in a drought and are still waiting for moisture.

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    1. I’m amazed at how much rain we’ve had and how quickly our water butts have filled. This week has turned sunny, but there’s still a bit more rain in the forecast. It has been a huge help to everything growing. I hope that you get the rain you need too – drought is so damaging.

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  3. I know I’m very late in getting round to my emails and have just come to this one. We’ve had daffs out for a couple of weeks, it being April 3rd now but oh my goodness what a much needed splash of brightness after a grey, wet, windy freeeezing March. Spring has kind of started so hopes for a warmer Easter. Daffodils are my favourite flowers though.

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    1. The daffodils on the green in front of the houses here are such an uplifting sight after the grey of winter. This yellow and orange mix feels especially bright and cheery – just what we needed! Hope your Easter is warm! 🙂


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