Hellebore 'Rosali' flowers

Looking Up: Hellebore ‘Rosali’

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Unlike the hellebores in my recent posts, the pretty pink-blushed flowers on this plant are upright and easy to see. Recent hellebore breeding has created a number of plants that have out ward-facing rather than downward-facing flowers and these flowers are bigger too, so make a very eye-catching sight.

‘Rosali’ is a recent purchase – I couldn’t walk past it in the garden centre! (So it may be a good thing that I don’t go to garden centres too often…) ‘She’ will join a small group of hellebores just outside the back windows of the house and where there is a change in level with a retaining wall. (That makes the other hellebores easier to see.) The area also gets a bit of shade in the afternoon, so hopefully won’t be too hot in summer.

This hellebore is one of the HGC ‘Ice N’ Roses’ collection (Helleborus glandorfensis), a new species which has been bred as a cross between a Snow Rose and a Lenten Rose (Helleborus ericsmithii and Helleborus x hybrida). This new species of hellebore is tall (at 45cm). It’s also said to be robust and long-lived. I certainly hope it is, because it will always be welcome in the garden as a joyful start to the gardening year.

Hellebore 'Rosali' flowers
Flowers of Hellebore HGC Ice N’ Roses ‘Rosali’

24 thoughts on “Looking Up: Hellebore ‘Rosali’

    1. It’s a very unusual pose for a hellebore – and it was a good day for enjoying the sun. (Now I want the sun back again instead of the grey cloudy sky…)


    1. Yes, they are a happy sight when there’s so little else flowering in the garden. And they’re planted where they can be seen from the house, so they can be enjoyed even if the weather isn’t good enough to go outside.

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  1. I’m feeling more kindly disposed towards Hellebores now that I know there’s one I can look in the eye! It’s funny. I love one of our native clematises, but it’s another that hides by hanging downwards. I suppose it’s an adaptation that aids pollination, or whatever, but it’s still just a touch disappointing. This is a beauty, and how great that you can see it from indoors. At this time of year, particularly, that’s a tremendous advantage.

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    1. I suspect that the downward-hanging flower helps to protect it against winter weather – certainly I have some that look like tiny umbrellas in the rain today. Seeing them from indoors is just the thing for this week’s return to wintry weather. πŸ™‚

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    1. I hadn’t heard of either ericsmithii or ‘Snow Roses’ until I read up on this particular plant. I think that the ‘Snow Rose’ name is for a range by the breeder, but it’s not exactly clear! There seem to be a huge number of hellebore hybrids out there! (Some day I must try to see if I can visit a garden or nursery that specialises in them.)


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