Hesperantha flowers

Waiting in Hope

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Will I see a flower or two on my hesperanthas before winter comes? I must admit that it’s just a small hope by now, because I haven’t even noticed any buds. (But I’ve been busy elsewhere in the garden so I could have missed those.)

Hesperanthas flower a bit later in my garden than they’re said to – often October into November here. So if they flower they add a splash of colour before the frosts. Last year I had lots of red in a border and this white one in a pot. Nothing this year.

This year has been so extremely hot and dry that I think these plants have really suffered. I did try to keep them watered, but with so many plants gasping for more moisture, it was hard to keep up. These plants like moist or damp soils, so I may try relocating them to the bog garden that I’m building near the pond. Winter may be a problem there though. We do get long rainy spells at that time of year and I worry that the ‘bog’ area may get too waterlogged. I guess I will just have to try it and see. If it works, I may get some flowers like these next year… 🙂

11 thoughts on “Waiting in Hope

  1. The first I knew were the red, then we had a property where we inherited pink (those are perhaps my favourite). And I didn’t know about the white, Ann. Your photo is so lovely and full of detail!

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  2. Plants offer a challenge when we first are building a relationship with them. While I am not as avid a gardener as my wife or you, there are some I am quite fond of and they have their up and down years. Hopefully this is just a down year and the next will see them offer you many happy blooms.

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  3. I’d never heard of these, and was surprised to learn that they’re in the Iris family, and that they’re essentially an African flower. ‘Hesperanthus’ seemed familiar, though. It made me think of “The Wreck of the Hesperus,” so I looked up the etymology of that word, and learned it comes from the Greek for ‘evening star.’ Lo and behold, ‘Herperanthus’ means ‘evening flower.’ Since it’s an evening bloomer, that all makes sense. And besides that, they’re a beautiful flower. The red are lovely, but of course your white appeals to me even more.

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