Japanese anemone 'Honorine Jobert'

Autumn Elegance

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This white Japanese anemone (‘Honorine Jobert’) has just finished flowering in the last week. I’m impressed that the flowers have lasted so well, despite it getting very little extra watering in summer.

Many of the other plants in the garden appeared to finish flowering earlier than usual due to the stress of the hotter than usual weather and lack of rainfall. (Some plants, like the red echinacea have loved the sunshine and produced masses of flowers.)

The pink Japanese anemones here (‘Hadspen Abundance’ and ‘September Charm’, which always flowers much earlier than September) have struggled this year. Both have produced far fewer flowers than usual and much less leaf growth too. Perhaps drought and heat will help to keep these thuggish plants in check in future!

It’s a relief to see that this anemone hasn’t spread as much as the pink ones. So far it hasn’t caused any problems by crowding the plants around it. (But it has only been in the ground for around three years. Maybe it will start a takeover bid when it has had more time to get thoroughly established. I will have to wait and see.) Originally I had thought of keeping this plant and a second one in pots to limit their spread but eventually decided that they would be better off in the ground.

Japanese anemones may be inclined to swamp their neighbours, but so far ‘Honorine Jobert’ has been much better behaved than her pink cousins. Even if that does happen, I will have to forgive the plant because the white flowers with their touch of glowing yellow are delightful, especially when the other flowers are fading away.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Elegance

  1. It tickled me that you’d want to get this one “away from the wind.” It’s entirely practical, but just a little ironic given that ‘anemone’ means ‘windflower.’ This one is especially beautiful. Are you framing some of these photos for the seasons when you’re without the flowers in your garden?

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    1. LOL, that is a little ironic! But the wind is the enemy of flower photography! I do have some of my flower photos framed but no longer print them myself after my printer gave up the ghost. I’ve been uploading images to where they’ll be available as print-on-demand and use that instead. (Wall space may now be an issue!)

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    1. I think the pink ones are the worst for that. They are very hard to get rid of too – a friend has been trying to remove some for a long time. But I expect that they may behave better in some soils and they are lovely!


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