17 thoughts on “(Almost) Silent Sunday

  1. I think the bumblebees might be my favorites — probably because they’re so furry and cute. Occasionally I come across plants that have attracted them in large numbers, and your’re right — that buzzing is more than noticeable!

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    1. They seem to be such gentle little creatures too – my own favourite garden wildlife, along with blackbirds and robins. πŸ™‚


  2. This will sound weird but whoa you can see that bee’s eyes. I mean I know bees obviously have eyes but here are two blue ones. I imagined they had compound fly eyes but when I zoomed in two big ones showed up. Maybe a trick of the light. I have never actually considered bee eyes before.

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    1. I think the blue is actually the reflection of the blue sky…and there’s even a dark shape that must be me in one. (Or else it’s my imagination, hehe!)


    1. Thank you Syd! You’ve no idea how much your kind comment has delighted me! I hope that my bee photos will continue to improve and that my garden will also improve as a safe refuge and good home for them. πŸ™‚

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