Crocus Pickwick in flower.

Signs of Hope!

Crocuses are, for me, the first signs that spring is on the way. Hellebores don’t give me the same feeling because they start flowering when it’s still winter. But crocuses, with their fresh and radiant colours, show us that the garden has begun to fill with new life.

Before long, there will be other flowers to continue what the crocuses have started. But for now these are the flowers that bring gardeners (and the first bees) joy.

Flowers of Crocus 'Prins Claus'

When I lived near Edinburgh, I enjoyed the sight of mass plantings of crocuses in some of its parks. These gleaming sparks of colour, sprinkled over lush grass, were a cheerful sight and a reassurance that the cold of winter would end. Seeing the brilliant flowers fully open in the sunshine was a reminder that summer would come and days would be warm and bright.

This year I think we need the promise of better days more than we ever did. I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time outside, especially now I am aware of how much we benefit from being in contact with nature. Soon we will be able to enjoy the natural world again, as spring gives us the chance to get out into our gardens and back to the countryside.

Crocus Prins Claus

24 thoughts on “Signs of Hope!

    1. My daffodils have just started to open but the crocuses should have a little while longer – I think we’re a bit behind you. I’m really eager now to be able to spend most of my time outside. Time to get stuck in with the gardening!


      1. I’ve been doing away with bits of the lawn over the last few years – DH is happy to have less to mow. (Mowing is one gardening job that I don’t like, so I leave that for him, hehe!)


      2. We have started putting a log-roll edging round ours but only got about half-way with it because some of those edges are in the process of being moved. (More room for plants!) We don’t have a lot of grass left now, which is good, because it does look awful in summer.


  1. Yes, the arrival of crocuses always lifts the spirits. And when, in a couple of weeks, we move the clocks forward an hour we’ll know for sure that spring’s in the air! Your last shot is particularly beautiful, showing just how delicate the colouring is on that crocus.

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    1. I love the time when the clocks go back – it makes me feel that winter is over at last. 🙂 I’m very glad you liked that last shot because it was tricky to get that low down. I can see that some flower shots could be hard to do when I get older and creakier but I’ll never want to stop. Might just need someone to help me get back up again. Meanwhile I’ll make the most of having joints young enough to work OK.!

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      1. it’s something I worry about a bit for the future because my Dad had such problems with his joints. But then, I’m much more active than he was, so shouldn’t be too bad!

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    1. Thank you Chloris! Crocuses give me a huge feeling of relief and joy that winter is on it’s way out. This year I’m really looking forward to spring!


    1. Thank you Indira! I spent a bit of time trying to make sure that the pistils were in focus because it was tricky to get right in the past. (Especially if there’s any breeze!) There’s a fair bit of depth of field needed to get that and the petal markings reasonably sharp. The ISO on digital cameras really helps. (I remember when the fastest film I used was 400 ISO, and that was rare!)

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  2. All these crocuses make me aware of how many ‘northern’ bloggers I follow, both in the U.S. and in Britain and Europe. We have other early spring delights, of course, but these are gorgeous, and make me just a tiny bit envious. No matter which flowers come first, though, they’re all fine reminders that the season is turning — thank goodness for that!

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    1. I think all spring flowers are bound to be special to us – and the earliest ones are going to be our favourites just because they promise so much. (Roll on spring!)


  3. Love your crocus images Ann! I have not seen one of these since moving to the south, but I remember having a few in my yard up north. It was nice to have the reminder that Spring was on its way!

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    1. Me too, Jill. Life feels as if it will soon be a lot better. I think that everyone will be very glad to be able to get outside and enjoy spring and summer – especially whenever it’s safe to go where we like again! Spring is the best time of year for me, knowing that we also have the summer ahead. 🙂

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