helenium flowers

Glowing Embers

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Here we’ve gone from unusually high temperatures to autumnal chills in a very short time. I’m still wondering how the summer disappeared so quickly. (And hoping for some more gentle sunshine that we can enjoy rather than be baked by.)

Late summer flowers have become a memory too. These heleniums (aka sneezeweed) are in colours that remind me of that summer heat. They are fiery and glowing and demanded to be gazed at and photographed.

The heleniums in the top image were in a garden I visited. I wouldn’t plant this particular helenium in my own garden because I’m not keen on its combination of colours. However, the flowers made a good picture anyway, so I was pleased to be able to photograph them.

The flowers in the bottom photograph were in my own garden. (Unfortunately the plant didn’t come back this spring – but I think it would have struggled to survive this dry summer, even if it had.) The colour here is much redder than the other plant and makes me think of the hot embers of a fire. Maybe I’ll try to grow it again in the future.

helenium flowers

19 thoughts on “Glowing Embers

  1. I really like Heleniums. I know of at least two native species here: one completely yellow, and one with that dark red center and quite small ray flowers. They’re cute as can be — once again I’m struck by the hints of our natives in your garden flowers. What the plant breeders get up to can be amazing. I do like the ones from your garden best. Those at the top are a little over the top for my taste!

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      1. Y’day we found a very interesting road frontage with tall pink blossom trees underplanted with bright yellow forsythia. It was obviously eye-catching and rather exuberant and fun … I didn’t dislike it!

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  2. Beautiful photos Ann. I love Heleniums but they don’t really like my garden, I had a deep red one once, but it didn’t survive the wet winter and another one didn’t survive the slugs this spring.

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  3. Heleniums are lovely. Don’t know where our summer’s gone. Was dreadfully hot, then dreadfully warm and dull and humid, now suddenly really cold. Working in a freezing house wearing coat, mittens etc is not good. I refuse to put my heating/fire on till at least October.

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