Frosted seedhead of Daucus carota

Last of the Frost?

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Some more frosty pictures for today, but these were all taken a few weeks ago. It looks as if these may be the last frost pictures for this winter because the nights are not so cold now.

February has brought a feeling that, for us, the worst of winter is over. And I know how much I may be tempting fate with that statement! Here’s hoping we don’t get another ‘Beast from the East’ bringing especially wintry weather in the next month or two.

Frosted Campanula Seedheads
Frosted seedheads – probably from a campanula.

We haven’t had very much frost this year, although it has been cold enough on many nights to create a layer of ice on our half-finished pond. There’s been no snow either – in fact snow is starting to be a novelty whenever we do get any. Next time we get a really hard winter it will probably come as a shock, with us being unprepared to deal with it.

The last few days have given me the impression that spring is not so far away. I’m always glad to see the end of January, because I know that February is often mild enough to make working in the garden enjoyable again. There are the first signs of new life – early spring hellebore buds are appearing and there are tiny, tightly-curled new leaves on the honeysuckle.

Frosted Blackberry Leaves
Blackberry ‘Oregon Thornless’ leaves edged with frost.

Soon it will be time to get ready for spring. I’m never very organised when it comes to sowing seeds. Even so, I usually manage to grow something that will give me a new subject to photograph. More important this year, though, will be moving plants around and renovating borders in the garden. There’s plenty to look forward to, and hopefully lots of changes for the better through the year.

Frosted eryngium
The frosted seedheads of an eryngium.

16 thoughts on “Last of the Frost?

    1. I am being rather hopeful, but we usually get our coldest weather in January, so there’s a good chance that we won’t get another heavy frost. There may still be light frosts but they’re not enough for interesting photographs. I just want spring!!

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  1. The frosty blackberry is so pretty. Oddly, our chances for frost may increase over the next two or three weeks, as humidity increases but nighttime temperatures remain relatively low. At the very least, there will be more dewy conditions, which bring their own pleasures. Everyone’s ready for spring, that’s for sure!

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  2. You sound so industrious Ann! We are still getting cold – it is not usually really over until March. But it feels good to get half way through! The ices looks so dainty on the plants. Amazing detail in the shots! Hope you get a few new plants popping up soon!

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  3. Lovely photos of the frost. Although it has been cold over here, weโ€™ve not had much frost this year so far. Least Iโ€™ve not ventured out when itโ€™s been cold enough to capture any Winter snaps.

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