Flowers of Dipladenia Rio

A Christmassy Red for You

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I hope that you are all enjoying a peaceful, healthy and very happy holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Covid has given us another difficult year but I hope that, despite it, you and yours have a time full of magic and joy.

I’d also like to thank you for reading my blog posts and for commenting and chatting here. Your company has brightened my days and the warmth of the blogging community has cheered me at a time when it is difficult to visit family and friends. It is a joy to interact with you!

The flowers here are Dipladenia ‘Rio’, a climber that I grow in our conservatory. The colour feels festive and Christmassy, so appropriate for this time of year. I hope that you are feeling festive too!

Dipladenia Rio

25 thoughts on “A Christmassy Red for You

  1. Looking at them made me feel festive, they’re a wonderful red! In the conservatory do they actually flower at Christmas, like.. have you just taken the photos? Or you’ve held these pics aside for your Christmas post?

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    1. These photos were taken a while ago but the plant did manage some flowers in November. (It’s had a bit of a difficult time with greenfly! Greenfly etc. can be a problem in the conservatory, so plants tend to get put outside when it’s warmer.) I do try to have some extra pics available for when there’s not much to photograph in the garden. I’m glad you’re feeling festive! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. one of the most beautiful in red – wish you also a peaceful transition of the year and maybe in 2022 the improvement of the virus situation…take good care of yourself and your loved ones

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    1. Thank you Werner! I wish you, and your family and friends, the best of happiness and health for 2022. May it be peaceful and safe. And for all of us, I hope that the virus becomes less of a threat. Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. That’s a splendid red! I held back my own Christmas berry post a bit to share on Christmas day; I think we both did well with that decision. I hope your day was wonderful, and that your conservatory provides you with more subjects for your wonderful photography through the winter.

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  4. Love the beautiful red flower! Very different from the traditional Poinsettias everywhere around here – some even have great big bushes of them blooming in their yard! I have not been so lucky. Hope your holiday is going great – ours has been lots of fun! Now trying to get organized for next year! Happy New Year!

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  5. Thank you Ann. I’m not much of a gardener (I blame my dodgy back and worn out trees!) but get a lot of vicarious pleasure from seeing what you achieve in your own back yard. Best wishes for the New Year (may your slugs be sleepy in 2022, or better still, away altogether and annoying someone else instead ๐Ÿ™‚)

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