Ranunculus: Jewel Colours

These ranunculus plants were the last plants I bought before the Covid-19 lockdown. It’s strange to think how different life was then.

The supermarket where I bought them was full of people rushing in and out on a busy weekend. Families and elderly people all going about normal life. While choosing my plants, I chatted happily with another lady who was a keen gardener…changed days!

Nurseries and garden centres have just started to open up again here but some had already begun selling over the internet and delivering locally. We were pleased to be able to buy from a tiny local nursery that we use every year. (Hubby plants annuals into tubs and baskets for the front of the house every year. I’m more into perennials.) It was a relief to know that the nursery would be able to survive.

As it has turned out, the extra time that folk now have to work in their gardens seems to have made many of these small businesses busier.


While garden centres and nurseries may cope with the effects of the pandemic, it’s a disastrous year for garden events and openings. Some however, have tried to offer an online alternative.

The Chelsea Flower Show is the biggest of these online events. For the week, the RHS had a programme of short talks by growers and designers plus a few visits to gardens that we might not normally see. It’s been interesting, but nothing like watching Chelsea on the TV as we normally do.

The BBC has managed to make some interesting programmes using footage of previous Chelsea shows alongside interviews with designers, growers and presenters all in their own gardens and nurseries. I enjoyed this much more than the RHS event – it gave more space to talk about garden design and the developments going on within gardening.

(If you’re in the UK, you should be able to watch the BBC programmes on the iPlayer. But if you’re elsewhere, you may find some of the programmes on Youtube.)


17 thoughts on “Ranunculus: Jewel Colours

    1. I only recently came across the name. I had thought they might be ‘Batchelors’ Buttons’ but that seems to be used for cornflowers – confusing, LOL!


  1. Beautiful flowers for you to have chosen. Plant nurseries must be varying in how well they are doing – many seed companies must never have been busier. I smiled to see that a local nursery is open for limited hours, but only for five people at a time. I don’t think I have ever seen five people in there, including the staff!

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    1. It’s probably easier for nurseries that are mostly outside and don’t have many customers at the same time. I wouldn’t fancy going in to the big garden centres here – they can be busy, so there would probably have to be queues. We’re staying at home for the moment anyway. 🙂


    1. It’s been an excellent time for the small local businesses that know their customers a little and also deliver to them. I think it has made the community stronger here.

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  2. Love the pink color in your Ranunculus flower. The major chain stores with flowers (and they had lines of people) have been open all along down here. Hoping to support a small garden store with some flower purchases shortly. It will be nice to see some new colors in the yard. (My firecracker plant has decided he is in charge – have to get out and prune him back for the thousandth time!) Love how great your garden is coming along!

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    1. The bigger garden centres will be able to open here now but weren’t before. I love the little nurseries and some did well by offering local delivery. I’m glad these smaller places seem to be surviving!

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    1. Thank you Phao! It’s one of the things I love about photographing plants – I still have something of them, even though the flowers have finished for the year. 🙂

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  3. That must be a real traffic stopper. It stopped me in my tracks. 🙂 The nursery we go to has been on the honor system until recently. Customers were expected to keep a distance and leave cash or check in a money box. But that was for garden starters. Now that it is plant season they are standing by a register but still expecting people to distance. Mary Beth goes at the precise time they open when it is not very busy.

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    1. Mary Beth has a great idea there. We haven’t tried buying in person yet but may go to a few small nurseries that are entirely outdoors.

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    1. ‘Frilly’ is a great way to describe them, Jill! I haven’t been out to a garden centre yet – wonder how long I can wait, hehe!

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