White Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque Flower)

The Early Flower Catches The Photographer

Last week, I wrote about finding all the new stocks of plants coming into garden centres very tempting. So you may not be surprised to learn that I bought a few of them. (If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you will probably know me well enough by now to expect it!)

I tell myself  that I have a great excuse, because I need something to photograph and there isn’t a lot available in the garden yet. And buying plants instead of cut flowers means I can grow them in the garden for the following years. Neat reasoning, eh? All the same, I’m glad that there are several plant nurseries nearby, so that I can buy reasonably-priced small plants rather than spending a fortune on larger plants elsewhere.

It’s interesting to see just how far advanced these plants that have been grown in large, heated glasshouses are, in comparison to garden plants. I have pinky-purple pasque flowers growing in the garden but they won’t be in flower for weeks yet. (Probably April or May.)

Hairy flowers of Pulsatilla vulgaris (pasque flower).
You can see how hairy these pasque flowers are!

Pasque flowers like it in the garden here. The well-drained soil and open, sunny site suits them. It’s actually a native plant in the UK and East Anglia (which includes Suffolk, where I live) is one of the areas that it grows in. Sadly though, it’s rare as a wild plant now and you’re much more likely to see it growing in gardens. However, as a ‘local’ plant, they’re both drought-tolerant and wonderful for bees.

The flowers themselves are delightful to photograph – fresh, pretty and entirely charming. And then there’s the bonus of the rest of the plant being photogenic too. That’s because it’s so very hairy (and soft enough that you want to stroke it). All the soft little hairs that cover the finely-cut leaves, flower buds, and even the outside of the petals, help to give the plant a silvery appearance when they are caught in sunshine. Later the seed-heads become very ornamental, like some sort of silky, wildly fluffy pompoms. (My cats think they’re great fun for having a swift bat at with a paw!)

The pasque flower that I bought will no doubt be joined by others. (I have to wait for them to flower at the nursery, so that I can see what colour they are.) And I’m sure that a few hours will be spent photographing them…happy times!

Flower of Pulsatilla vulgaris (pasque flower).
Delicate white and rich yellow make this a very attractive spring flower.

24 thoughts on “The Early Flower Catches The Photographer

  1. Those are really beautiful photos of one of my favourite flowers! I’ve never had them in a garden of mine but I’ve seen them in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden and they’re wonderful. I love both flowers and seed-heads! I laughed at your cats batting the seed-heads.. in my mind I imagine it looking like they’re playing ping-pong!

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    1. I’ve always loved them too, but found them difficult in my garden in Scotland because the soil there was so much heavier and moister. Here in Suffolk the conditions make them easy. πŸ™‚ And it does look a bit like cat ping-pong, but with just one cat at a time…hehe!

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    1. I love cut flowers but they can quickly get expensive, so I try to grow a few extra flowers for cutting when I can. At the moment I have a great excuse to buy plants because we’re making big changes in the garden. (Less grass, more borders. πŸ™‚ )

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    1. Oh, yes, I agree! They are! And they just seem so especially lovely for spring, when everything is fresh and new. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Shelly! I’m happy that you like them. πŸ™‚ Pasque flowers (aka pasqueflower) are a UK native and also of areas of North America and Asia too. They are often grown in rock gardens/alpine gardens and usually flower around Easter.


    1. Glad you like them, Laurel! It’s cool to be able to introduce you to a flower you haven’t seen before. πŸ™‚


  2. I think I’ve already asked you if I can use one photo and link back to a more recent white post but could I also use one of these photos and link back to this post as well if that’s not too greedy (I’m wanting to do a “white post” of links to other people’s white posts πŸ™‚

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