Water drops on Stipa gigantea (golden oats)

Unexpected Sparkle

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The sparkling drops of melted frost on the seed head of Stipa gigantea (golden oats) above caught my attention one morning. I had gone outside knowing that any frost had already melted and expecting it too be too late to find any interesting photographs. When I saw this, however, I realised that I was wrong. There was still plenty to see and photograph.

You may have already seen several of the photographs from that morning in an earlier post: https://annmackay.blog/2022/01/30/after-the-frost/

Both of these photographs are of the Stipa gigantea. I was tempted to keep the more sparkly top one as a possible Christmas ‘nature’s decoration’ photo, but decided to hope for more frost before the end of next December. The need to find something to post right now was stronger!

The garden keeps me going even in the winter. It gives me new things to look at and to explore with my camera. It stops me from getting bored and helps me to look forward to the future. Sometimes it even brings a bit of sparkle into my life. Hope your life is a bit sparkly too!

Water drops on Stipa gigantea (golden oats)
Water drops on Stipa gigantea (golden oats)

28 thoughts on “Unexpected Sparkle

  1. Grateful for any and all sparkle Ann! The NZ protest/insurrection has a very dark underbelly and it’s causing much heartache, frustration, fear and anger in the community. It’s not at all clear how things will play out 😦

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      1. Yes. A lot of people debating how the police response should be. Police are focusing on de-escalation which is different for them (we’ve had very bad interventions in years past). I won’t go on but it’s pretty tense here atm.

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  2. Looking at the drops, it seems as though some of them might still be partially frozen. I’m not sure how else to account for what seem to be little bubbles inside them. I pondered sediment as an explanation, but it seems to me that sediment would fall to the bottom of the drops, while bubbles might rise.

    See? There was something interesting for you to photograph. Your drops certainly caught my interest!

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    1. I’m wondering if we might have another frost to come in the next week…though if there is, the sun will chase it away pretty quickly. Must keep my camera handy! I like the idea of ‘melted frost beads’. πŸ™‚

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