Mahonia flowers

A Bright New Year

When everything outside is looking wintry and dreary, the mahonia bush right at the back of our garden boldly flaunts its gleaming yellow flowers. Give it a bit of sunshine, and those flowers are reminiscent of a yellow highlighter pen – practically fluorescent!

The mahonia provides a touch of brilliance and an attention-grabbing focal point to the garden at a time when it’s really needed. The little flowers are like a patch of concentrated sunshine. (I think it must be mahonia x media ‘Charity’.)

So I shall use these cheerful winter flowers to wish you a very bright and joyful New Year. May 2020 bring you health and happiness!

Mahonia flowers
A close-up of the tiny flowers of mahonia.

16 thoughts on “A Bright New Year

  1. The color is lovely. I’d never heard of it, not being a gardener, but I can see how it would make a cheerful addition to a landscape. I found a tiny bit of yellow blooming in my ‘front yard’ yesterday, and I haven’t a clue what it is. It was equally cheerful, though, and a pleasure to see.

    It’s hard to believe we’re almost to the New Year, but so it is. I hope yours is healthy and happy, as well.

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    1. Thank you! The shrub was well established in the garden when we arrived here and it is really prickly, so quite hard to prune or work near – but I would hate to be without its colour at this time of year. Hope your year is full of happiness!


  2. Wow! That is hard to believe as a winter flowering shrub but there it is. I realize your winters may not be as frigid as ours but it is still cold and most plants have taken a much deserved siesta. How nice to see such beauty at this time. Happy New Tear, Ann!

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    1. It’s pretty mild here for much of the winter – and our winters over the whole county aren’t as cold as they were when I was a kid. Mahonia is pretty tough – though I can’t remember seeing any in Scotland. I can remember the first time I ever saw a winter-flowering cherry on a visit to London as a girl – I was amazed! 🙂

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    1. They are very cheering to see and the only flower at that end of the garden in winter. (We have winter jasmine – also yellow – and a pink flowered viburnum too, but they’re in a different bit of the garden. I love winter flowers! Happy New Year to you too Syd! 🙂


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