Scented 'Paperwhite' Daffodils

Welcome to Spring

Daffodils…right now they are everywhere. This week we had the first ‘official’ day of spring with the arrival of the spring equinox. And right on cue, there are daffodils opening their cheerful flowers in a welcome to the new season.

Out in the country here, there are daffodils growing on the roadside verges outside houses and farms. In town, they’re at the start of garden paths or close to the front door. It feels as if everyone has some daffodils growing in a position where they’ll be both a welcome to anyone coming to their houses and a greeting to passers-by.

Daffodil 'Geranium'
Daffodil ‘Geranium’ has a lovely scent.

Outside my front garden there is a large ‘green’ – a wide area of grass with trees that stretches between the main road and the minor road that serves the houses here. In springtime, swathes of daffodils enliven this green, creating a colourful welcome for drivers coming into the town.

In our own front garden, we have a group of miniature daffodils growing in one of the borders, but most of our daffodils are in the back garden. Seeing so many daffodils by other people’s front doors makes me feel that I should grow some more by the front path next year, as a welcome to visitors and to ourselves when we return home. (Maybe a pot of  scented tazetta daffodils, such as ‘Geranium’ or ‘Paperwhite’ – they both have a delicious scent.)

'Ice Follies' daffodils
‘Ice Follies’ on the green outside my home.

20 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring

  1. Hooray for daffodils! Geranium is an odd name to give a daffodil haha! Nice looking flower though, and a delicious scent as well must make it a winner.. and I like the term tazetta, sounds pretty jazzy πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, Liz, I thought that about the name ‘Geranium’ too – must cause lots of confusion! The scent is wonderful. I have a pot of them mixed with ‘Paperwhite’ in my conservatory at the moment and it’s really perfume-y in there now! πŸ™‚

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    1. Daffodils are my absolute favourite flowers, and being an April baby there’s always some around on my birthday. They are such cheerful welcomers of spring. Aren’t there a type of daffodil actually called ‘cheerfulness’? I especially love your first photo.

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      1. Yes, I believe that there is a daffodil called ‘Cheerfulness’, and it seems a very apt name! (Especially after winter greys!) Thanks Jill! πŸ™‚


  2. Daffodils are one of my favourites. A cheerful proud flower. A good idea about the scented ones, having read your post Ann Mackay am now planing to get some.

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    1. They’re just what we need after winter, Mary! I have a pot of the scented daffodils in the conservatory just now. πŸ™‚ The paperwhites aren’t hardy, so a pot that can be kept away from frost is ideal.


  3. Beautiful daffodils Ann! I used to grow them up north and had a backyard full of them at this time. I do not think they grow well down here. I just love the yellow in the flowers.

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