Spring Beauties: Rhododendrons

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Our previous garden was near Edinburgh in Scotland, so it won’t be surprising that we had a few rhododendrons growing there. However, we have none here in our garden in Suffolk and I must admit that I do miss their beauty.

Although our garden wouldn’t be very suitable for growing rhododendrons (nor would it have the space), we do see them when we’re away from home. A couple of days away gave us the chance to see them in gardens that are rather cooler and moister than our own. It gave me the chance to photograph one or two of them too. So while I may never be likely to enjoy rhododendrons in this garden, I can still admire their loveliness when I’m out on a garden visit.

We’re back home after a mini-break, and now it’s time to get on with work here – there are plants calling for my attention. (And one or two new purchases… 🙂 )

White and pink rhododendron flowers