Rudbeckia flower

A Splash of Late Sunshine

I managed to photograph these rudbeckias (coneflowers) before they got too weather-beaten to use. (They’re actually gone now – only the brown seed-heads remain – so I was just in time.)

The rudbeckia below (and at bottom) is ‘Goldsturm’ and it has given a rich touch of gold to the main border for weeks. I’d though of moving it to a position that would give it a little more moisture but it seems settled where it is. (Moving it might be risky too, I’ve lost them a few times, both back in Scotland and here. I think they got too dry.)

Rudbekia 'Goldsturm' flower

The rudbeckia at the top of this post is, I think, an annual. Hubby grew it from seed as part of his collection of potted plants in the front garden. (That part is his domain!) Sitting in its big pot, it has added a welcoming glow by our front door. It must have been in constant flower for a couple of months and now that it has gone over, I miss it!

There’s a new yellow tint seeping into the garden now as the leaves gradually change colour. Somehow at this time of year, we always seem to have a week or two of very rough, windy weather. So the leaves get blown off before there’s time to fully appreciate that yellow. If the wind does let up for a little while, I might get the chance to nip outside with my camera. (But I suspect I’ll end up collecting fallen leaves instead and photographing those.)

Rudbekia 'Goldsturm' flower

19 thoughts on “A Splash of Late Sunshine

  1. In your top photo, I like that tiny bit of sepal that’s peeking out from among the petals! They’re exceptionally pretty flowers, and I can understand how you’d miss that gold once it’s gone for the year.

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    1. Yes, I liked that too! 🙂 It was nice this year that Hubby got more into gardening too, and grew this and some other plants from seed – he’ll turn into a ‘proper’ gardener yet!


    1. Thanks Jude! This is the first time that a rudbeckia has managed to last for a few years – I lost several, both in Scotland and here. Hope this one keeps going!


  2. It’s funny. Our season for Rudbeckias passed weeks ago, yet every once in a while I come across a single hardy individual. It is nice to have just a tiny bit of summer hanging on. As always, I love your high key portrait, Ann. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Steve! I enjoy the high key work – especially when it’s cold or wet outside! 🙂 The rudbeckias have finished here, but I find other surprises in the garden, like a newly opened white echinacea. It looks so fresh and pristine – despite the wind and rain.

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